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We believe in the power of visible data. Increasing operational transparency supports our clients as they navigate their digital journeys. 

We are focused on delivering scalable solutions to automate the discovery of how data is used and what processes exist in any company setting. We collaborate with our clients to address their digital transformation, regulatory compliance, and governance challenges. 

Our solutions focus on the underlying problems that all companies face, enabling them to demystify their data and future-proof their business. 

Special Effects

Our Story

Praevisum was born out of a shared desire to untangle digital transformation. 


Through personal experience we understand the significance that a lack of clarity surrounding business and system processes can create; as well as the associated risks and costs. We have built a platform to deliver the clarity and insight needed in real-time.


We value our market knowledge and domain experience. With our founders’ extensive years in the financial technology field, we are well-placed to work in collaboration with our clients to tackle everyday challenges. 

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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Our Partners

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