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About Us


Our Founders bring a wealth of industry & consulting experience in the technology and business sectors at some of the world's largest banks, asset managers, wealth managers and exchanges.

We are experienced technologists, consultants and engineers who have created, implemented and managed significant digital change throughout their 30+ year careers, operating at all levels.

We are focussed on providing solutions for the underlying problems that all companies face, and collaborate with our clients to accelerate and deliver success at every step of the digital journey.

Special Effects

Our Story

Driven by a shared desire to untangle the problems of digital transformation, we started a company aimed at doing exactly that, and based it in a location that has been solving intractable problems for centuries.

Through personal experience, we understand the significant challenges that a lack of business and system process clarity can create – and the associated risks and costs. So we decided to build a platform to deliver the clarity and insight needed - in real-time.

Our product focus has been on delivering a scalable solution to automate the discovery of how data is used and what processes exist in any company setting, helping senior management address their digital transformation, regulatory compliance and governance challenges.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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Our Partners

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